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Keos designs and manufactures continuous and static drying units for sanitary wares articles.


The quick drying of sanitary products requires careful control of the humidity and temperature values in the drying chamber.

The different shapes of sanitary products, the thicknesses and the parts hidden from the air flows of the pieces must absolutely be taken into consideration when optimising the drying cycles.

Keos designs and manufactures dryers for:

Sanitary wares articles


The drying cycle is divided into three main stages:


– Evaporation and volumetric shrinkage

In this stage the temperature is slowly increased while the relative humidity is maintained, depending on the shapes of the sanitary products being dried, at high levels.
The process air speed is maintained, always based on the shape of the sanitary products, at low levels.
Control over these values limits piece heating and high surface evaporation, preventing the formation of surface cracks.

– Stabilisation

In this stage, heat penetration into the thickness and into the hidden parts of the sanitary product are optimised, achieving uniform shrinkage.

– Evaporation and final volumetric shrinkage

In this stage, it is possible to force the drying speed.
The relative humidity of the drying chamber is forced to low values, the temperature is brought quickly to the maximum value while a high process air speed increases the migration of internal humidity towards the surface of the sanitary product.


Thermal, air equipment

To achieve quick drying cycles, the DSS drying unit is equipped with:

– Hot air generator

the direct or indirect hot air generator is designed to have a very broad minimum/maximum power ratio.
The proportional regulation system also guarantees perfect synchronicity between the set values and the real values in the drying chamber.

The safety and supervision systems verify its perfect functioning, at every stage of the cycle.

– Water sprayer

The relative humidity is maintained through water spray.
The proportional regulation of the relative humidity and the constant maintenance of the spraying pressure make it possible to synchronise set and real values.
Sprayed water injection points also guarantee perfect distribution of the humidity and in case of dripping, they prevent damage to the products being dried.

– Mixing fans

Cone fan installation allows uniform process air distribution.
The change in air diffusion speed also guarantees, during the drying stages, a different pressure on the sanitary products.
The uniformity of the air flow rate between the low and high parts of the drying chamber is achieved by the special profile of the diffusion section.



– Perfectly uniform drying conditions inside the chamber.
The air inside the chamber “envelops” the pieces uniformly

– Perfect control of the thermodynamic temperature and relative humidity values.

– High efficiency for high production output

– Also for mixed and vitreous-china and fire-clay productions

– Possibility of drying pieces immediately after the “stripping process”

– Specific low consumption.
Hot air production with gas generators, with water-air exchangers and with heat recovery from the kiln.

The machines are designed completely in-house. Thanks to the collaboration of technicians and select suppliers, the entire construction stage is carried out by our technical department.
Lastly, we oversee and perform installation and final testing of the machine at the customer’s site.