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Keos designs and manufactures continuous and static drying units.


Within the production process, product drying is crucial to achieving high quality levels.

Careful temperature and humidity control, to achieve quick and uniform drying, is one of the main characteristics of our products. Keos designs and manufactures continuous and static drying units.

Keos designs and manufactures dryers for:




Technical Ceramics


Artistic Ceramics



Keos drying units are distinguished by their:


a) High flexibility

Through due programming, the PLC manages temperature and humidity inside the drying unit. From the operator panel touch screen, it is possible to enter and store various drying cycles. The operator panel displays, logs temperature curves and stores alarms.
From the operator panel, it is possible to connect to the company network for remote assistance.


b) Reduced drying cycle

The control and management of temperature and relative humidity combined with process air speed in the drying chamber, make it possible to reduce drying times during the various stages.

The machines are designed completely in-house. Thanks to the collaboration of technicians and select suppliers, the entire construction stage is carried out by our technical department.
Lastly, we oversee and perform installation and final testing of the machine at the customer’s site.