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Keos designs and manufactures air conditioning systems


Department air conditioning systems guarantee a controlled, specific micro-climate, also with very high external climatic variations.

The temperature and humidity values of the department are pre-set according to a weekly cycle with different values during work shifts and at night.

The air conditioning project of the rooms includes a dedicated air handling unit, extraction ducts with grilles and delivery ducts with special adjustable diffusors distributed so as to guarantee correct and uniform distribution, as well as the constant speed of the conditioning air.

Special air handling units are designed to operate in humid, dusty and warm environments, mixing indoor air with outdoor air to achieve the right air exchange rate (air changes per hour). The AHU are equipped with heating a section (with methane gas burners or water-heated coils), filtering system and humidification system.

The air handling unit will be equipped, based on technical requirements, with intake for indoor air recirculation, air ejection dampers, outdoor air intakes, fittings for air delivery pipes and fitting for air intake pipes.

Keos specializes in the design and construction of air conditioning systems to ensure:

Greater energy savings

Greater productivity

Higher quality

Homogeneous and stable temperature and humidity of the air


Our technical offer is based on three main factors:


– careful control of the balance of air flows for more uniform temperature and humidity in the room

– humidity control in the room with forced ejection, if necessary, of the humid air by activating ejection and renewal dampers

– room humidity and temperature values are controlled through readings in multiple points for air distribution management, and through humidity and temperature value readings on the handling unit.


An electric panel with PLC will automatically control:

a) air handling unit adjustment
b) air conditioning of the room according to weekly schedule.

The main benefits are:

Energy savings thanks to vertical air distribution which optimises the flow by increasing air uniformity, reducing the cost of ventilation to a minimum.

Greater casting productivity thanks to the quick evaporation of humidity from the moulds.

Improved casting quality thanks to uniform and stable air temperature and humidity values

The machines are designed completely in-house. Thanks to the collaboration of technicians and select suppliers, the entire construction stage is carried out by our technical department.
Lastly, we oversee and perform installation and final testing of the machine at the customer’s site.