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Keos has been operating on the market for over 30 years.


The extensive experience gained in the design and construction of kilns, drying units, department air conditioning, heat recovery and automatic handling allows Keos to offer tailored solutions for the chemical-physical characteristics of raw materials and, especially, for production quality and quantity optimisations.

We operate in various industrial sectors, from sanitary, to abrasives, to technical ceramic, to refractory materials to glass.

In recent years, we have also gained significant experience in designing and manufacturing kilns for firing tests and every machine required to conduct testing.

The machines are designed completely in-house. Thanks to the collaboration of technicians and select suppliers, the entire construction stage is carried out by our technical department.
Lastly, we oversee and perform installation and final testing of the machine at the customer’s site.

Keos is also the ideal partner for resolving plant engineering issues, as the company is always able to provide technology and know-how in line with customer requirements.

With both ‘Made in Italy’ and international high technology level partners, Keos is a reliable Team of the highest professional levels for the supply of services and complete systems for the industry.

Keos’ various projects across the globe, where the technology, quality and production capacity-related characteristics are crucial elements, demonstrate the very high know-how gained.